Sunday, March 27, 2011

I've made a move! :D To tumblr. But I don't do anything besides reblogging, so it's quite pointless. Tata! Take care, always!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

mixed emotions

Last Sports' Day.
In SMK Seafield.
Or maybe in my WHOLE LIFE.

So how do I feel?
I don't know, actually.

This Sports' Day was a 'first' of all sorts for me :
My first time..
-marching then running
-worried about not getting a medal in sports
-coming to Sports' Day not expecting to get a medal
-doing sports since I quit sports completely
-running 4x100m not expecting the gold medal(in fact, I didn't expect a medal at all)
-running 4x400m.. um... without preparation :)

My first time..
-feeling good on winning the silver( for 4by100m! I was like : YAYAYAYAYAY! cos I thought we were going to come in 4th! I know its not very nice of me to post this sort of thing here, but.. super happeeeeeeee!!! Thanks Azri for lending me your spikes :) -----
-running with spike shoes on sports day! Yay!
-spending half the time with Lee Yuin on Sports Day <> :P

My list of 'firsts' shall be updated when I think of more stuff. (Which'll most probably be really wu liao things)

And now, I don't know what to do.
I wonder how those people continue training (running) after they've passed a certain age.

For instance, throughout my schooling years, it always has been :
"Training? For what?"
"Sports Day lor."

"Training? For what?"
"Gymrama lor."

"Training? For what?"
"Next year's Sports Day lor." <<< Not true for this year.Hehe.

So now I'm like:
Go running? For what?

If go to college, do colleges have Sports Days? Hmm.

I think I sound like somebody who runs just for the sake of winning.
Gosh. Something's wrong with me.


I know!!!! I've just figured it out as I was typing the line above. I mean, the line above 'Hee.'.

I wanna train for my future children! Or something like that.
Then they can go to school and show off that their mum can run. HOHOHO.

But, seriously. How? I don't get it.
Does the whole running thing work like gymrama? As in you run because you have a passion for it?
Or perhaps having a passion for running away from discipline teachers?

Oh dear. I sound like a confused person, don't I?
Well, because I am, actually.

People, please advise on this mind-boggling matter!!
I want to run,
but -


Thank you God for granting me my prayers.
Oh. *sheepish smile*
I need to go CF this week.
Cos I promised myself (when I was trying to boost my confidence) that I would go for CF if I returned from Sports Day with a medal.
And I did.
Plus I'll be receiving something on Prize-giving Day.
Conclusion: Beatrice is attending CF this Friday.
but only staying for P&W okiee :) choir needs me. hahaha :)

this is an extremely weird post.eww. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

House Practice. Secretary.

The thing is, I always thought that house practice was from 5.00 to 6.30.
That's why i thought I could go from tuition, which ends at 5, to practice.

I found out yesterday that it actually starts at 4.30. To 6.00.
What the crap????!!!!

I would never have taken the job if ONLY I knew this earlier as there is NO WAY i can make it by 4.30.

But funny thing is, nobodyactually mentioned the time.. So I never realised.

And never realised why I was always 'late'.
I thought I was on time, since I come out a bit earlier from tuition.
But.. arggggh. I never knew that I have always been half an hour late. GOSSSSSHHHHH.

And I just realised that the drafts for the minutes up to before the holidays were in the com. And I conveniently forgot about them. Until yesterday, after being scolded.

I'm sorry, I really am.

But 'sorry no cure'.

It's my last year in this school. I'm turning 17 soon.

And I'm still screwing up things that aren't supposed to be screwed up.

I am irresponsible. I am.

God, please. Help me.

Happy Easter.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fireman camp.

I've learnt things that I never would have learnt had I not attended it.

I went, got myself inspired by the little details throughout the camp. The finer side of things, the kind of sights you may see everyday but never stop to realise, to wonder, to ponder.

Nope, I'm not speaking of stamping our feet to the chants of "Satu *turn* Satu Dua!" nor shouting "Coupling!" or even learning what nasi lemak can mean, other than our beloved Malaysian trademark.

It might be, perhaps, a lesson solely for me. Something I really needed; something that doesn't come along daily. An awakening of all sorts.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. - Phillipians 4:13

Sometimes you may not realise it, but the next kick is all it takes for you to soar the skies.


sometimes when everything is going haywire,
all you need to do is shutdown and restart.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

blooming blossoms

Random facts of 2010. (so far)

I spent my new year sleeping.

I sit next to lee yuin in class.

I love to eat long beans.

I miss Sue Mun.

Bomba is fun. And full of mosquitoes.

I hate lizards that have been flattened.

St Nicholas Girls School Sec 1 girls are going to be tested on the entire 205 pages of Chinese Cinderella on Tuesday.

I leave rubbish in my desk.

I wanna run, I wanna run , I wanna run!

Hannah Montana the Movie was not bad.

Yvonne has a cute smile. (Right, Choong Hou? :D )

The current prefectorial grapevine is that KP likes SCP.

Emily is too cute for words.

Jun Yi talks a lot.

Satish is Jenar's cousin.

I wasn't invited to Nick's party.

I'm eating green tea Kit Kat from Japan.(the Kit Kat, not the eating)

Ken is officially branded as pembelot 5A.

I miss 4B.
(I was from 4A.)

The person I say the most number of 'shut-up's to is Diane.

My room is messy.

c'est le ton qui fait la musique.

Hey, that fluffy thing is cool.

Joanne would get along well with Alex.

I don't know how to solve a Rubik's.

I sing the most out-of-tune songs in class.

I'm looking forward to school tmr.

Hoping that someone would read this and tell me something random about myself.

My sister is awesome.
My Mum is awesome.
My Dad is awesome.
Many character traits generally run in the family so..

You know your English is deteriorating when you refer to a 12-year-old's essay for ideas.

Harry Potter soundtrack is freaky.

Have you seen a really old and tattered Bible?
I have one at home.

I visit Ken's blog although it's empty.

It is now 10.30.

I might miss Merentas Desa.

Universal Studios, Singapore, here I come!

I miss Nina Yap Yin Sim.
And Esther Lim Yen Phern.
And Carmen Ng Jia Wen.

I'm beginning to like 'solid' food.

Trying is NEVER enough. You've GOT TO.

Nadia Comaneci is hot.

Anu is really nice, people!

Australia is a great place to be.

After SPM, Previn and Choong Hou are going to cycle to Johor Bahru and kayak to Singapore.

I'm going to borrow a pair of spikes from a guy on Sports Day. If I'm running.
(Spikes, because I ain't burning my toes no more. A guy, because I acn't fit into girls' spikes.)

I'm buying the Add Math workbook tomorrow.

My handphone has been with me since Form 1.

Bloggers' English have improved. At least, the ones I know.

r = common ratio

I really good at this, huh?

Mrs Khaw has retired. And I haven't been to see her.

People who read my blog don't comment in the cbox. I feel unloved.

Ping pong balls are orange hollow balls that bounce with a 'tick'.

i don't know nuts about IT, except for the fact that I don't know nuts about it.

Surrounded by crazy singing choir people. I like. Me feel loved.

My calculator battery is running out. I thought I had to buy a new calculator.

I liked Boys Over Flowers.

I want to throw a ribbon during perbarisan.

I don't get Facebook.

I feel bad cos' I didn't put all my kawan baiks names in here.

The early bird catches the worm.

English Literature classes are fun and serious.

Roshni is like a little bubbly bubble.

Bubbles are bubbly.

I want to stay in class, but keep on getting called out.

The 3rd week of school is yet to start, I already have teachers who are mad at me.
And it wasn't even my fault! grrr.

The standing lamp has a really bad slouch.

I used to love Simple Plan, due to Evelyn's influence.

I have completed Pn Ho's homework, partially.
I used 6 pages.

I had a small book to jot down ideas back in Form 2. I don't anymore. I guess they just dwindled out.

I shall not blog.

blooming blossoms